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Thank you!!!! Why anonymous?! Please reveal yourself ol chap :) 

I just got to screen the short film I made in a movie theater and I could not have dreamed of getting such a good response.  Multiple people said mine was their favorite, but my favorite thing that happened was as I was about to leave the reception afterwards a guy about 30 years old with a thick eastern european accent walked up to me and said, “Are you Emma?!” I said yeah and he said he had been trying so hard to figure out who I was because he loved my film so much.  This is probably the best feeling I have ever had.  I’ll post the film soon!

today was the first day of shooting for my short film.  The film is about a guy who gets dumped then makes a girlfriend out of cardboard to fill the empty void in his life.  He falls in love with the cardboard and ends up choosing her over the ex who eventually returns. We shot a scene in which the main character (Norman) takes the cardboard girlfriend to the Washington Square Park fountain and she falls in.  People were thoroughly entertained.  Some people saw us shooting at more than one location and took pictures calling themselves “Cardboard groupies”.  Anyway, that’s the end of my shpeel. but I DO need YOUR HELP. If you know any CARDBOARD PUNS please let me know. I’ll put you in the credits.